On my way to Croatia

I drove to Crotia last summer. I took me two weeks because I stopped in vairous places. I came across Munich, Salzburg, Villach, Ljubljana and Zagreb before I finally reached Split, my final destination. It was a great tour. I decided everday how far I would drive, depending on my mood. I saw the alps, valleys, blooming fields and rivers which were looped like a snake in the middle of a landscape which was untouched by human hands. Or at least it looked like. As usual I met a lot of people who were also on their motor-bikes, and in Austria I even travelled along for two days with another group I just had met. The only problem were the state of the streets, because some were really bad mantained - if at all. I should have checked that before I planned the route but at least the majority was in a good state. Apart from that I enjoyed to have time for me alone. After a day in Zadar I made my way to the coast of Croatia. The last stop I made at a beach. The croatian beaches are perfect for anyone who likes sun, sand and sea (here is some more information about beaches in Croatia). I just needed to be at a specific day in Split, because my wife came to Split with our children by plane to meet me there. We stayed one week together at Split in a holiday which we booked here.

photo on flickr: philipshannon


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