I am Viktor and as you can see, I like to ride motor-bikes. Give me a machine, and off I am. Some people may be satisfied with a car. I am not. I drive a Suzuki. It's name is lightning. Yeah I know. It's not a very spectacular name, but I am not really a creative guy. My maximum of creativity is reached with this website. It's abut me and lightning and our tour from Germany to Croatia. I am German, but since I have a lot of English-speaking friends, I write this in English. So, sorry for grammar or spelling mistakes!

Why Scarscrow?

It's my nickname since I was fourteen or something. I grew a lot in a very short time, so I got very thin no matter how much I ate. This is why my friends began to call me scarcrow. Sounds much nicer in English than in German.


photo on flickr: Francisco Javier Martín

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