Exploring Dalmatia

In Split I explored the city together with my wife and our children. After two weeks of travel, it was nice to stay at one place for several days. Split is a fantastic city with an interesting historical center, many restaurants and bars and a lot to see. The Bacvice beach Split was our favourite beach. It was sandy, icecream was just a few steps away, and our children spent most of their time either in the very clean water or the leisure park.

However, after some days in Split I got restless. My wife and my children wanted to go shopping anyway, so we decided to part for the day. While they went shopping, I explored the area by motor-bike. Split is surrounded by mountains, but if you drive a bit further, you reach the hinterland. Hills, valleys, forests and rivers shape the landscape of damaltia. The streets I passed that day were in a very good condition. The tempo limit on country roads in Croatia is 80 km/h, a good speed to look around and enjoy the landscape.

It was a great trip. I already started to persuade my wife to do something similiar again next year. Driving one or two weeks on my own reloaded my batteries and the time with my family in Split was good for our family-life and gave me some rest. If I can persuade my wife for this kind of holidays another time, I am probably going to book another holiday home here because it was so uncomplicated and offered enough space and privacy for everyone - and most important: a safe harbour for my motor-bike.

photo on flickr: fruhjk

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